Eagle Vs Bat is a new production company set in the backwoods of rural Worcestershire. Co-founded by Erica Darby and Tom Angell, we combine many years of experience in the animation and music industries and are passionate about what we create.


EVB was formed in 2018 as an ideas house, to create concepts for animation and live action, and combinations of both. We specialise in television and film projects based on a unique cohesion between sound and storytelling - a perfect blend of our skills. We have a huge crew to draw on, bringing 20 years of industry contacts with us. We have a great track record of developing, producing and delivering TV series and films, and are well known and well connected in the industry, both in business and through our creative ability and skillset. 


We’re excited about the changing landscape of multi-broadcast platforms, and always looking for new ways of doing things. EVB is about bold and unique concepts and several of our projects - ranging from adult to pre-school - are with major international partners. At the same time we are seeking selected new projects to collaborate on, bringing our experience and as much of our own creative spin as is required!



1 The Hopkilns

Mill Lane



WR11 7YQ




Tel: +44 1386 839 644

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